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Alishan tea Gaba

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It is widely known variety and distribution of tea varieties in East Asia, and aboutsobenno in China. In this country, the tea has a special place not only in the kitchen, but in the culture of the people. It is part of various ceremonies and rituals, it is not surprising that there are so many varieties of tea. Among them a special place is occupied by the so-called red tea - oolong. These teas, having a degree of oxidation of 30-70% and ocheHb characteristic sweet floral taste that is qualitatively different from other kinds of tea. Among oolong grown and produced in Taiwan, highlights srednefermentirovanny grade Alishan ("dragon tea"). This kind of tea is produced by the so-called GABA-technology: fermentation of tea produced without oxygen, so alongside aystviya on tea leaves nitrogen. This technology allows to preserve all useful substances, as well as to result the greatest number of synthesis of gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA). This amino acid is practically absent in other varieties of tea, making Alishan so valuable. It stimulates the brain, which is especially aktual when operating in conditions of regular stress or excessive loads. In addition, the use of this tea has other very useful properties:

- drop in blood pressure, headache;
- to stimulate blood circulation in the brain;
- improvement of metabolism;
- stimulates the process of extensionrhenium vessels, removing salts;
- stimulates the liver and kidneys.

Special attention should be light taste of this tea, so deserves to become an avid fan of this tea.

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