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What is the diet

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Diet called or set of rules on the use nThis product should supply. Most often, the concept refers to a person, but in a broader sense, it refers to any living organism (animal, plant, etc.). Systematic diet (this is translated from the Greek word "diet") systematically affect the status and health of the organism. Dietary supply systems, there are many, but kazhdaya of them is characterized by some distinctive factors:

- the chemical composition of the diet;
- physical properties;
- character cooking food;
- time interval the meal.

The composition of the diet or the image and principles of supply diversity as onvalue and on a territorial basis (products, which are used as food in different nations of the world to be materially different). In general, all of the power supply system can be divided into three main groups:

1. Rational diet. These diets are usually inherently contain essential food itemsensure the proper functioning of a healthy body. This type of diet or, more accurately be expressed in this case, diets differ in gender, age, professional or regional basis.

2. Therapeutic diets. Diet sick organism should promote and enhance the actionWie therapeutic agents and therapeutic measures, to prevent the possibility of developing a chronic stage. Typically, these systems supply differ depending on the particular disease.

3. Target diet. The use of such power systems pursues quite a specific purpose other than rational ortreatment: weight loss, maintaining physical fitness, improving metabolism and others.

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