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Interesting facts about tea

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Tea drink in the world is as popular as coffee, and maybe more . now easier than ever aftersell it at every turn, can not be said about the last time it was available only to aristocrats. It is an indisputable fact that this ancient drink more than coffee. In addition, the tea ritual drink and still occupies a special place of honor in the ceremonies and culture especially Eastern nations (China, Japan, India), where, in fact,and spread around the world. The drink called tea, prepared by brewing and steeping the leaves of the tea bush, after specially trained (drying, curling, oxidation). Tea is grown in the vast mountain plantations in China, India, Africa, due to the fact that for the normal growth and maturation of himrequired conditions is tropical or subtropical climates. The harvest is still picked by hand - even with all the development of technology and attempts to mechanize this work, the highest quality of the crop is stored only in manual mode. Types of tea culture and drinks, there are many and they can be classified in several key nParameters:

  • type of tea culture (Chinese, Assamese, Cambodian);
  • origin (Chinese, Indian, Ceylon, Japanese, African, Turkish, and others);
  • oxidation state (green, black, white, yellow, oolong, pu-erh);
  • way machining sheet (baikhovi, pressed, instant).

Modern industry has left its mark on the packaging, delivery and method of welding. In addition, the widely used tools for flavoring tea: it is made to add particles of jasmine, mint, lemon, bergamotand, lotus and many other herbs. This gives the drink a certain flavor and aroma. In addition to traditional tea popularly also called custard-based drinks gathering herbs and plants: grass (St. John's wort, thyme, mint), berry (wild rose, raspberry, currant), flower (chamomile, lime, hibiscus).

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