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Sunglasses - is an integral part of the same wardrobeand any man, as, for example, a purse. In today's world points have ceased to perform only basic function - eye protection. Now it's a fashion accessory, a variety of shapes, materials, brand. For example, are known worldwide brand Ray Ban, was created in the first half of the last century only as a means to protect the eyes of pilotsa glare from sunlight. Since then, "The Aviator" (so called first and hitherto the most popular series of points) have undergone a lot of changes and penetrated into all spheres of life of modern man. Everything else, stylish - it's also a great way to make money on the form: most modern generation increased by Hollywood boevikah, and certainly can not imagine another superhero in compelling points. This is a tribute to fashion, style and taste. Their production is so massive that even more exposed to bulk copy does not guarantee the quality and features required points.

Classify points can be based on several criteria:

- type lenses (bifocals, gradient, polarization, infrared and other);
- the destination (s sunglasses, sports, special);
- shaped rim (pilots or droplets , tipping, poluobodkovye, sports, horn);
- frame material (stainless steel, plastic, titanium);
- producer (RayBan, Benetton, BOSS, Burberry, Carrera, Nautica, Mont Blanc).

Quality sunglasses will not only protect your eyes, but also create a new image.

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