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Many women know such diseases as cystitis. He, according to statistics, is subject to 20 to 40% of women of all ages. It is an infection occursGoes disease in men, but much less, due to differences in the size of the female and male urinary bladder. Cystitis - it is nothing like the inflammation of the bladder mucosa, accompanied by dysfunction and peripheral pain. Called usually intestinal bacteria, but may also occur vsledstvie hypothermia, trauma, hormonal imbalances, lack of vitamins. Furthermore, also highly recurrent cystitis disease. Treatment of the disease should be aimed at eliminating the infection, it is called. Tactics and duration of treatment also depends on the severity of the disease and on how much time the procedure began. According to one hundredndartnoy scheme started on time balanced treatment gives positive results within one to two weeks. However, modern pharmaceuticals can solve this problem in just a day or two due to antimicrobial compound "".

This is a highly effective broad-spectrum antibiotic. Formula preparation ands an a number of effective pharmacological properties:

- a bactericidal effect. Steadily affects the vast majority of uropathogenic bacteria, interrupting their synthesis and dissemination;
- adhesive effect. Interferes with the interaction of bacteria and epithelium, thereby inhibiting the possibility of their pathogenic effects;
- rapid assimilation. The maximum concentration of drug in the body occurs in 3-4 hours and can persist for 2-3 days;
- antidisbakteriozny effect. The drug affects only the urine and almost completely eliminated from the body with it;
- the opportunity to use during pregnancy.

Just one bag Monural and you will forget about cystitis.

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