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It was a time when the porch or on private property could get someone to pleasebut. Now ubiquitous in residential high-rise, private homes, areas of different companies organized access systems through which to get to the entrance, courtyard or private land owner may either (a co-owner, resident), or bangs, get his permission by unlocking system. Total collective namesuch systems - intercom. It is a system of electronic communication devices, via which the lock or unlock (if necessary) the front door to the room (on site). In this case, the person inside the room and having the ability to unlock the electronic lock the front door, it does not neposredstvennogo contact with the person wanting to get into this room. A classification of intercoms will tell us Aksenov AA - online store employee safety equipment, where you can buy all sorts of

Despite the diversity of modern intercoms can be classified by sledujushchim attributes:

- the number of supported users (maloabonentsky - for private homes, multi-drop - for apartment);
- the principle of addressing (coordinate-matrix, digital);
- the principle of communication with the interlocutor (audio, video);
- network interface (networkless intercom, IP intercom).

Outside hoveredimosti the type of intercom, it consists of the following main parts:

- call panel. Located at the entrance to the room and is used to communicate with the person indoors or unlock the lock electronic key;
- switch. The device transmits the signal from the panel to the destination on the basis of the telephone connection;
- User device. On his signal is transmitted from the panel to the switch. Is used for communication and remote unlocking the lock;
- electronic lock.

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