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What is fiction

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What is the fiction we tell Herman AP - employee site, where you can see. And so, fiction - a genre of art, as well as the creative method, characterized by the following features: trespassing reality, common conventions, the method of fantasy. At the same time its basic elements as separate genre or idea is the name of the last (fantastic Approvedix or idea). Its essence lies in the fact that the product is introduced a major factor (habitat, characters, etc.), which is even theoretically impossible in the real world. This is a major difference from the so-called "real art" (literature, film, visual arts), which may use the so-calledReal assumptions - a factor that is not contrary to the generally accepted reality.

By application area or sphere of influence fantastic assumptions can be classified as follows:

- sci-fi (technical inventions, discoveries of natural laws, etc.);
- Futurological (actionI come in the future);
- folklore (fairy tales, myths, legends);
- peacekeeping (actions in a fictional world, fantasy);
- mystical (phenomena that defy rational explanation) ;
- Phantasmagoria (a phenomenon that has no logic and common sense).

The history of science fiction as long abut as the history of mankind. In fact ancient works and outlook of the person (legends, sagas, fairy tales, myths) - this is pure fiction (or folklore component, as mentioned above). If the ancient fantastic world literature reflected the then human (and, in principle, according to their own opinion, couldand not be considered fantastic), at the present stage of fiction identified as a separate genre of arts, literature, film, painting, sculpture and others. Modern fiction is divided into the following trends: science fiction, fantasy, horror, magic realism and others.

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