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Profiled or shaped sheet metal sheet is made of galvanized steel, the shape of poperechnogo section is achieved in rolling mills. Profiling sheet (undulating, trapezoidal, etc.) is carried out to increase the stiffness of the sheet. The first prototypes were created profiled sheet on British manufactures in the early nineteenth century, and they had no means of mass distribution, and can now be in any systemitelnom store.

Ready profiled sheet can be used as:

- roofing material of various buildings;
- protecting and supporting structures;
- facing the wall material.

Galvanised steel as a material for the finished product is selected accident. It is necessary to have such an outer metal structures corrosion resistance, toughness, strength. Besides galvanized sheet may further be covered with synthetic polyester ball, giving greater color stability and corrosion protection.

In the application of corrugated board can be divided into three maingroups are:

- wall. Used in the construction of fences, wall and ceiling buildings. Lightweight and low height profiling;
- roofing or roof. Used for roofing, building shelters, hangars. Is more durable;
- bearing. Used asreinforcing element bearing parts of structures. Has the greatest strength of all three groups.

Advantages of corrugated board:

- corrosion resistance;
- durability;
- light weight;
- wide range of colors;
- easy installation. < / p>


- the effect of the drum in the roofing bowl;
- possible loss of corrosion resistance at the damaged protective sheet of the ball.

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