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Packing from foam

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modern production volumes are so huge and dynamic,as demand for its products. Maintaining a balanced pair of supply and demand, require daily sending in a variety of wholesale and retail trade network a huge number of goods. Ensure the safety of the goods on the way from producer to consumer, may, in addition to compliance with safety standards, quality packaging. In today's producTBE most economical, practical and technological materials for packaging is polystyrene (foam). Opened in the 50th years of the twentieth century, received the widest development and distribution.

facilitates this first part, the properties of expanded polystyrene, namely:

- insulation. The ability tostored temperature is equally important when transporting food and household appliances to avoid sudden temperature jumps, especially in winter. Due to this property, the foam is also used as insulation material in the construction of houses;
- depreciation. Certain foam ball perfectly dampens vibrations andshocks during transport, ensuring safety and damage of goods;
- ease. Less weight saves on the cost of transportation;
- moisture. This will protect goods from moisture inside with all the consequences;
- environmental friendliness. Products (packaging) of the foam does not emit toxic fumes, not underVerger corrosion (as metal) and are suitable for long-term storage;
- resistance to shrinkage. The product of foam retains its shape throughout the period of operation.

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