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Dental implantation

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What girl or indeed any public person does not dream about so onbinding Hollywood snow-white smile. Sparkling white teeth added confidence remove certain complexes. Make a compelling white teeth, align the set of teeth, the teeth to give the correct form soft at this stage of dentistry is quite simple (if a sum of money), provided that all the teeth in place.But when a tooth or several teeth are missing for various reasons, this task becomes quite difficult and costly. The reasons for tooth loss are different - from late treatment to the doctor to injuries and the impact of other diseases. A similar phenomenon causes some discomfort and loss of confidence. To solve this problem can be quite effective methods toTERM prosthetic dentistry is used - instead of lost teeth in the dentition is inserted implant (artificial tooth root analogue) with a crown. Today it is the most technologically advanced and modern methods of dental prosthetics, which has obvious advantages over the standard prosthesis: dental implant allowsyaet avoid damage to the mounting order of the adjacent teeth, and consequently in the future, the need to install the full denture or a partial edentulous. The implant is a titanium spiral rod which is screwed into a threaded hole in the jaw in place of the lost tooth. Material necessary for the implant has a biocompatibleimosti and implantation into the body properties. In the postoperative period the implantation of the implant in the jaw (lasts from 3 to 6 months). After implantation, the end of the implanted screws installed abutment, and, in fact, a prosthesis that reproduces the shape of the lost tooth. Similarly, you can remove both partially and fully edentulous, withService lines dentures on implants at least 25 years, and cosmetic effect on the order of higher than normal.

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