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Many people in the former Soviet Union, and especially Russian city YvesANOVA (and all the Ivanovo region) is associated not only as the "city of brides", but also a strong base textiles, fabrics, bed linen and other things. No wonder that in such edge and such a powerful technological support, successfully developed here clothing, including specialized - medical andproduction. Leader both at the regional and at the state level is. It has offices and manufacturing facilities in the city of Ivanovo. On the market, the company has successfully represented for more than 10 years and during that time was able to firmly stand up, to get a decent production and dealer network across the country. Layoutix in the heart of the textile industry contributes to the development of such qualities that are competitive in the market, namely:

- excellent production base (using high-tech sewing machines);
- Use only high quality fabrics (Twill, Panacea, Teredo, and other Satori) Having excellent breathability, wrinkle resistance, dimensional stability;
- a wide range of products for doctors, waiters, attendants;
- more than the optimal price-performance ratio;
- the operational timing of orders; < br /> - individual tailoring;
- discount system.

The collection includes over 150 models of clothes (coats, suits, jackets, aprons, pants, hats and much more), which is able to make fashionable and satisfy the taste of any person at any age, given its individual features.

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