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At all times, in any country for expanding business activitiesspine very important role played by advertising. Without it, a potential customer does not know about the manufacturer and the interests of its product. It helps to expand the customer network and profitable stand out from the competition. Also inextricably to promote business and create the necessary image is associated with advertising and PR (Public Relations and Communications with the publicw). The differences between these two marketing tools lies in the fact that advertising uses, like, external leverage, based on the wishes and desires of the consumer, while, as PR is trying to strengthen the internal levers - opinion on products and manufacturers in the society. It is important to very subtly and harmoniously combine these two tools etc.To order to achieve the desired success, because even very competitively profitable goods lost in the fight for the consumer without his perception in society. For example, you are promoting a new product on the market: consumers are very skeptical of innovations, so we need to take steps that will create the desired image of the goods in society (such as any comradear with the inscription "Made in Germany" is automatically considered a high-quality and reliable). It is these approaches to work should cultivate any wishing to not only promote quality in the market of its customers, but also to stand out in the advertising market. For the most efficient process work to create a positive image as a client, thatak and himself (automatically, as a result of the excellent work), you must try the most comprehensive coverage and match all kinds of advertising and public relations.

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