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What is neuralgia

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Neurology (translated from the Greek "sick nerve") - a set of illREPRESENTATIONS peripheral nervous system (PNS), is to defeat the key peripheral nerve (trigeminal, rib, hip and other). The affected area is usually concentrated in the area of ??innervation (location of receptors in tissues of an organ). Symptomatology - on the basis of pain attacks in said zones, no physical lesionof (trauma, changes in the structure) nerve and, as a result, violations of the (motor, sensory). Pain are recurrent (attack) and are accompanied by redness of the skin, muscle cramps, watery eyes and other things. exposed mainly nerves that are located in relatively narrow channels nerve.According to the degree of manifestation of neuralgia are primary (not accompanied or caused by any other disease) and secondary (in the survey found, as a rule, all sorts of diseases, which result in nerve damage in a particular place).

In the area of ??neurology manifestations are classified as follows:

- trigeminal neuralgia (developed as a result of traumatic facial, inflammation of the sinuses, teeth and other diseases);
- intercostal neuralgia (osteochondrosis develops in the breast, pain in ribs);
- neuralgia nerve of thigh (characterized by pain, numbness of the outer surface of the troublesRA increases with movement);
- neuralgia wing palatine ganglion (pain in the sky, temples, eyes);
- occipital nerve neuralgia (pain in the neck region of the arc - the eye, which may be accompanied by vomiting) .
Treatment of primary phase is reduced to the removal of pain and physical therapy rehabilitation. The second phase is reduced to lecheniyu underlying disease that caused the development of neuralgia.

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