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Laser lithotripsy kidney

July 09 2014

Kidney Stones or, scientifically, nephrolithiasis - atabout probably the most common urological disease. It received its name due to the pattern of manifestation, namely the appearance of solid deposits (rocks or stones). The reasons that cause the disease are likely to be a metabolic disorder, change or violation of a chemical reaction secretion, secretory stagnationx secretions or inflammation. As a result of a malfunction of the kidneys (the risk factors listed above) incomplete chemical reaction takes place in the department of metabolic products. The residue of the reaction in the form of crystals deposited on the walls of the kidney weight and the accumulation in the kidney stone is formed. Treatment of mild forms of the disease (finesstones) is to remove spasms and removal of stones in the urine (diuretic may apply). Large-sized stones (3-5 mm) can clog ureter, causing renal failure and the development of serious diseases (hydro and gidrouronefroza). Such stones are using diuretics will not deduce and their oudtion requires surgery. It involves a violation of the integrity of tissues, prolonged healing, the possibility of the development of inflammatory processes. Recently, an alternative to surgery has become lithotripsy (crushing stones influence the acoustic wave) and its variety - ureterolithotripsy (). This is one of the mostmodern, minimally invasive method to eliminate large stones. The laser acts directly on the kidney stone, allowing to eliminate traumatic ureteral wall and minimizing trauma (surgery) tissue. As a consequence, the patient can be discharged within 1-2 days.

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