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Ultrasound examination of

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Every person, one way or another was looking Hollywood blockbuster 80- 90th, known faster firing automatic Uzi. On the contrary, every health care worker and every patient is also known expression ultrasound. In this case, we mean one of the diagnostic methods of the body - ultrasound. The method is based wave theory and the piezoelectric effect (the appearance of a charge in a dielectric element under the AirProcedure strain). As pathogen mechanical deformation (oscillation) protrudes a certain length of the ultrasonic wave, the frequency and period. Distributed into body tissues, which have different acoustic impedance wave is reflected with varying amplitude. The reflected acoustic signal is converted into a graphical tool,which is displayed on the screen. Matter how high or low amplitude of the reflection depends on how much brighter or darker on the screen will look like this or that area, forming a monochrome image. And about zamih ultrasound devices will tell us Petrov AN - employee health portal.

Tools for the US, there is the setsecond, they have common components:

- wave generator pulse type;
- ultrasonic sensor (linear, convex, sector).

The sensor uses a different frequency necessary for the study of different organs at different depths location. Depending modes ofconsiderations on the screen may be different. Scanner complex ultrasound can operate in three modes:

- A-mode - the result is a one-dimensional image, allowing to estimate the size and distance of the object;
- In mode - two-dimensional image for the assessment of morphology;
- M-mode - a one-dimensional image with the scale of BPYemeni.

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