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What is fluorography

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or rather chest - is a type of X-ray examination, maximally simplified, udeshevlenny and the mass of its kind. It is, moreover, one of the types of photos, which differs from the classical merely an object of shooting and optional equipment (research carried out in a special booth - fluorograph in which, at the level of the chest, placed fluorescent screen, perceiving that passes through the body, radiation). Physics atciples or basis of a technique is that X-rays are absorbed differently (perceived) in various body tissues, so that, on the screen monochrome image is formed, consisting of a combination of light and dark areas, taking in the general shape of the chest. The brightness of the individual oblast just dependson the degree of absorption of rays in the tissue in the area. It is believed that in comparison with classical radiography, fluoroscopy looks like a cut-down method and uninformative. But this is not the case, especially with the introduction of modern digital technologies. Besides, there are significant advantages fluorography facilitate their mass: lessstrap on the study, a small dose of diagnostic radiation, financially less costly. Mass of this research is supported by the fact that every person under the age of 16 years in voluntary-compulsory must annually undergo this procedure to prevent the development of disease (disease is easier to prevent than to cure). At this stageflyuorografy development work on the film or digital technology. The difference is that in the first case, a picture is projected on a standard size film (square shape with a side from 24 to 100 mm), and the second - on the digital image sensor. Used for early diagnosis of pneumonia, tuberculosis, cysts, tumors.

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