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Holidays in Italy

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Not far off the long-awaited vacation and time would have to think about where to spend it, and even sohold to memories for a long time. In such circumstances, each potential tourist starts to rack their brains over how to find the perfect place to relax, combining all the requirements of the person (and oh, how many of these, it is no wonder There is the phrase "how many people, so many ideas"). There is absolutely identical preferences, someone naprimep, want to relax and soak up the sun on the coast, and the other person can not imagine vacation without active hiking in the mountains and climbing. Someone wants to elite services (apartments, transport, services, supplies) and secular parties, and someone is unpretentious, and wants to be alone in a quiet place, or vice versa prefers disco night life. For some LudaFirst quality vacation combines not only physical but also spiritual and recreational enrichment - the knowledge of the culture and traditions of other nations. In each country, you can find this or that, but the perfect combination, in our opinion, it is an old woman Italy. It all blends:

- natural conditions and landshAFL (from the mountain and continental climate in the north of Lombardy, Trentino, Mediterranean, with cozy villages, wine plantations and eternal Rome in the central part, to the hot North African in Calabria and Sicily);
- a rich history (being the center of Europe and the germ of modern civilization, Italy boasts numerousennymi historical monuments from the ancient Colosseum, to the medieval creations Mikellandzhello, Raphael and modern architecture);
- delicious cuisine (probably on everyone's lips pasta, pizza, mozzarella - all these dishes come from Italy);
- and of course, fashion and shopping (someone is unthinkable without the new products themselves in the recognized fashion centers - Milan, Rome, Venices).

Buy tickets to Italy, and your vacation will be a memorable one.

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