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Erotic massage for your favorite

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Many attend thoughts about erotic massage,but the majority of it is associated with something terribly obscene and therefore forbidden, especially if you intend to   Seen erotic massage parlors, it is possible that this error ...
Basically, here we go about erotic massage for couples in love,   which is   the perfect way to relieve the stress of working daysth and enjoy an unforgettable experience, but lonely and unloved people, probably,   easier and more pleasant to relax in the salon of erotic massage, see how masseurs and masseuses look at these salons can.

How to do an erotic massage?

On this question there is no unique fromCouncil. Loving man plugging his intuition, quickly learn to make a nice massage its second half. Main – this desire.

The main task of erotic massage is to excite the partner. But for maximum enjoyment, you need to relax before the massage. To do this, Horosho suitable warm bath. It is recommended to take it together.

Now you can go directly to the massage. It would be nice to create an intimate atmosphere in the room. This will help scented candles and romantic music.

Massage should begin with the feet and hands, gently blurtion each finger. If desired, you can lick them. Then gradually move to the calves, thighs and buttocks. You can massage the stronger, but not to forget that there is always the chance of hurting the partner.

Then spin. Doing massage girlfriend or wife, you can sit down. If massage makes a girl, she can takes the man on top. Better to start with the neck, gently descending to the shoulders, and then, with a slight pressure and tingling, massage the back and sides.

At the end of the back massage, go to the stomach. Avoid touching your genitals, as this part of the body massage is yet to come.

LasKai belly partner slowly rises to his nipples. But do not forget about the power of touch, because the skin on the nipple soft and can easily cause discomfort. If the other half loves biting nails or touch, you can safely indulge in these techniques.

When you have finished with the massage of the abdomen, and back tontimnym parts of the body. Massage should be careful not to cause pain. &Nbsp;

The most important rule for massage private parts – the absence of any rules. You, more than anyone else, you know your partner, and that you are able to give him maximum pleasure. Drop all the factorseniya and do not be afraid to go beyond the usual.

As mentioned above, there is no single answer to the question, how well do erotic massage. However, there are some tips to help you avoid embarrassing situations:

  • Never start a massage, if you do a bad Settingsoenii. Partner is sure to feel and will not get the desired pleasure.
  • Doing massage, watch partner. His reaction to your movements will help you find new erogenous zone.
  • Do not forget the essential   oils. They hand movements and body are smooth and fun&Ndash; indescribable.    
  • Do not take your hands off the body partner. Always need to stay in touch, even with one hand.

Using these simple tips into practice, you will quickly master the technique of erotic massage and pleasantly surprise your soul mate.

If you do not have a partner who is willing to do you an erotic massage, but you really need to relax by removing the physical and emotional stress, in this case there is nothing wrong with visiting the salon erotic massage – sex is not there. &Nbsp;

Article provided&Nbsp; &Ndash; Erotic massage salon “ Dolly ”.

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