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What is a Pediatric Dentistry

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Probably there are few people on the planet who would have liked to visit the dentist, especially atreal problems, not as a prophylactic measure. Despite the development of this area of ??medicine and the impact of technological progress, the fear still remains at a subconscious level (especially the older generation, still found the old Soviet dentistry - dental drill, etc., causing pain and panic). If the dentist boitsI'm a grown man, what then can be said about children and their psyche is not formed yet understated and pain threshold. But, nevertheless, this area in recent years, becoming more "popular" among the younger generation (even, sometimes children up to three years). This is explained primarily by the temptations that are so painful and Ojospot react children - a variety of sweets and preservatives. But demand is known, generates a proposal, therefore, a separate branch of General Dentistry is. She has delicate features and limitations related to the age and development of the patient. Here, everything requires special attention, because at this age admitted error affectsfurther development: for example, incorrect treatment of primary teeth affects the development (or even its capabilities) permanent teeth. In addition, special attention is paid to the entire oral cavity, which requires certain skills, due to the limited space for action. Pediatric Dentistry also has age-related features:
- Up to 7 years focusing on the prevention of tooth decay due to insufficient development of tooth enamel;
- from 7 to 14 years, one of the main objects of attention is due to the occlusion of active formation of dental system.

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