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Today's society with all its scientific and technical progressHas become more vulnerable to seemingly more age-related diseases of the spine and joints - degenerative disc disease, herniated disc, arthritis. Blame sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, violates the natural balance and the body's metabolism, resulting in tissue in problem areas lose their elasticity and come in packsAdok. After all, if earlier, for example, the student to write a paper, it was necessary to run the libraries, now everything can be solved in a few minutes on the screen of your PC, without taking his ass from the chair - and so all day long. Most patients have some form of these diseases are faced with disruption of the locomotorapparatus, loss of limb function, pain in problem areas. The correct method of treatment of diseases and rehabilitation to avoid depending on doctors, pharmacies and possible surgery, is the most radical and the last step. Such techniques movement therapy (kinesitherapy) is offered to you. Specialist with morethan two decades of experience, not hearsay knows all sides of these diseases is the author of unique, in a very kind, methods of treatment and prevention of diseases of the spine and joints. The technique lies in the fact that, through the use of special exercises, open the hidden reserves recovery. The system of exercises toorrektiruetsya individually and aimed at enhancing and strengthening the muscles that hold the spine. This in turn helps to reduce and normalize the load bearing elements (discs, cartilage), improvement of blood circulation and metabolism - that is recovery of the organism. "Movement of Life" - this famous phrase has the motto center Bubnovskogabout which experts are trying to implement it and to instill in their patients.

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