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Botox injections

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Man, like any living creature on this planet - will not last forever. The process of growing up sooner or later (depending on thephysical and psychological factors) ends and gives way to a slow (and sometimes rapid) aging. One of the brightest satellites of aging is the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Themselves wrinkles is no reason to imagine approaching old age with all the consequences, for reasons of their development can be stressful, fiphysiologically characteristics of the organism and type of human activity. However, women are very painfully react to these skin blemishes and try by all means to get rid of wrinkles, make facial skin smoothness and elasticity. You can use various creams and masks was disintegrating, but, for example, thirty years after they are no longer allowed Feeldirect effect, and requires the use of more efficient means, until the aid of a plastic surgeon. Modern pharmaceuticals and cosmetology offers in this case used as an effective means of Botox (botulinum neurotoxin). More details about the procedure Botox, visit the website:. In nature, the toxins produced batype crystal botulism, are some of the strongest poisons. Once in the body, they cause serious damage to the nervous system, accompanied by paralytic phenomena due to the action of the toxin on the nerves and muscle tissue. Nowadays, Botox, in small doses, has been used successfully as a drug and cosmetic.Due to the properties of the toxin to block nerve and muscle fibers, the introduction of it into the wrinkles by injection, smoothes myshsch. Botox blocks the exchange of signals between the muscle and the resulting nerve, resulting in inhibited its motor activity and there is a gradual smoothing of the surface. After drug administration, the activeFirst phase occurs after exposure to one or two weeks. The effect of the application of Botox can be maintained for several months, after which the injections need to be repeated.

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