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Alcohol Treatment

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The modern man, in spite of its advancement, it is, in fact, pAnime and vulnerability in terms of psychology, the creature. Constant stresses lead to the development of bad habits and addictions, one of which is alcoholism. Statistics relentless and says that today in the world of addiction affects more than 150 million people (about 3 per cent of the world's population) and their number is growing steadily.Would be quite wrong to claim that alcoholism is a sign of poverty and the satellite (from the hopelessness of the situation) - a lot of money also contribute to dependence because of permissiveness. Fundamentally, alcoholism is a kind of mental disorder that manifests itself in the relationship (both mental and physical) of products (drinkss) based on ethyl alcohol. Like any other psychological dependence (addiction, substance abuse), alcoholism is developing by stages and is characterized by the following features:

- in the first stage is tested thrust (difficult, but not insurmountable) Alcohol;
- The second stage is characterized by a significant increase in dosealcohol needed to achieve the so-called satisfaction. At this stage manifest features inveterate drunkard - weekly binges, trembling hands, insomnia and so on. The second stage gives rise to a longer physical dependence on alcohol;
- the third most deep stage only enhances the degradation of man in generalstve. For drinking, it is fraught with insurmountable and constant desire to use, and the dose after which the body "calms down" significantly reduced.

(and is possible at all) depends on the stage and depending on the patient's condition. It is believed that to treat alcoholism in a first stage only. In the remainingnyh cases, the fate of the physician is reduced only to drug detoxification and excretion (right) of the binge. The first step towards solving the problem, it is the awareness of patients, and further methods can be so:

- drug therapy (administration of drugs, the combination of which causes severe alcohol notdomogany);
- psychological therapy;
- social rehabilitation;
- combined techniques.

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