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Stretch ceilings

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The development of modern technology had an impact on the building and decorative materials, the availability and diversitye which allows you to create design solutions, which are 10-20 years ago we could only dream. The modern interior design combines a variety of styles and elements, complex shapes and geometric shapes. If, in the recent past, particular attention was paid to the repair of the walls and floor, the modern renovation and interior design takes into account theall the faces, and the ceiling is not left unattended. There are various methods of decoration of the ceiling, from smooth or textured plaster to drywall constructions. One of the innovative design and create a unique ceiling design is the use of so-called suspended ceilings. In technical terms -This structure consisting of a fabric attached to the frame or profile prepared. The use of suspended ceilings allows, besides decorative function, hide all the irregularities of the base of the ceiling without using leveling compounds, other than the way you can buy online: The idea itself is not new, as similarmethods of decorations for ceilings in ancient Rome, but she got a new stage of development with the invention of modern construction materials. Modern suspended ceiling, in its structure (material) is of two kinds: on the basis of PVC and textile fabric. First produced by welding PVC fabrics and customize the configuration under construction. When installing the fan heater heats the film and stretched over the contour profile. Different water resistance, color and structural scales, but also a low frost resistance and durability. Fabric ceiling is made on the basis of polyester textile fabric impregnated. Compared with the film, do not require a trimming frame beforepreheating, more durable and temperature resistance.

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