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What is the wiring

July 30 2014

Man - a creature by nature sovey rather curious that is, for himconstantly need somewhere to poke your nose (especially in children). Such activity can not lead to injury, sometimes quite serious, which is accompanied by bleeding, and sometimes quite severe rupture of blood vessels. In this case, an urgent need to stop the bleeding, or it will rush to the fountain of all others. AustanDCCH bleeding in such cases is carried out by means of a simple device - harness. It represents a durable, flexible strip of material (usually rubber), which is tightened in position above the wound, thus stopping, flow through the main vessel. It serves as a tool for the first aid to the wounded and temporarily stop the bleedingI. It should be clarified that the use of a tourniquet tightly limited in time (usually a tourniquet can not be located on the site of the wound more than one to two hours), and excess time period recommended by the medicine, there is a gradual death of tissue. Proper use of a tourniquet, increases a person's chances to survive, but everything must be done wisely. Buy inYou can on alphaplastic.ru,

There are several types of harnesses, differing in their design:

- flat rubber on the clasp. The most popular option, especially in military units, may have fasteners for fixing;
- tubular rubber;
- flatplastic fasteners with the ability to change the tightening force jute;
- embossed rubber and others.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and can be used in a given situation.

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