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Many of us can not imagine my life, or rather his Morninghis ascent, without a cup of coffee. But few people think about what kind of coffee uses every morning. After all, most of the coffee variety that is available to the average consumer in the online retail and wholesale trade, not the best quality. Little market brands that are really serious about taking care withhowling image and the quality of the product. Among them, probably the most known in the world is a Swiss corporation Blaser Cafe. Which is currently the world leader in the production of coffee, the company was founded nearly a century ago - in the twenties of the last century. Production begins with a small shop in the wveytsarskom Zurich has offices in many countries around the world. Raw materials (coffee beans) for the production of ground coffee of the highest quality coming from more than thirty countries, including world leaders - Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya. The main highlight of coffee bouquets Blaser, is mixing (in varying proportions) of different varieties of coffee,thereby created such unique blends. Buy Blaser Cafe in Ukraine, please visit:. Deliveries from around the world make it possible to create many varieties of coffee Blaser. In addition to mixed bouquets coffee (so-called blends), the company also produces coffee from elite monosortov (ie in the same package contains only a single grain of eliteOn coffees) - Columbia Supremo, Ethiopia Sidamo, Kopi Luvak, Jamaica Blue Mountain. Freshness and richness of the product, Blaser support due to proper storage conditions, processing and packaging that prevents contact with oxygen grains.

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