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Treatment of herpes

July 29 2014

Herpes is classified as viral dermatological illMaintenance, a characteristic feature of which is the emergence and growth of the grouped rash bubble structure on the internal and external mucous membranes of the body. The most frequently observed manifestation of herpes on the lips, the eyes (in the form of conjunctivitis) and the outer surfaces of the genital organs. Since, as mentioned above, herpes is at itssecond nature, a viral disease, and that its causes must be sought to reduce the protective functions of the organism (immunity), which contribute to hypothermia or, conversely, overheating. The viruses that cause the development of herpes, are divided into several types, causing, in increasing order, the following diseases: rash on the lips, rash on genitalorgans, chickenpox and shingles, mononucleosis, cytomegalovirus. Virus spread occurs through direct contact. It should be noted that herpes is one of those viruses which when ingested in genes integrated at the level of nerve cells and, therefore, not amenable to then complete removal from the organism.

Symptoms and treatment of herpes

Stopvirus described in detail. Even at the present stage of development of medicine, found drugs and drugs that would guarantee complete destruction of the virus in the cells of the body. Therefore, if a person is sick or ill with herpes them, it has the following path totreatment (delayed effect) disease:
- to the active phase of herpes, is treated with antiviral agents that inhibit the growth and proliferation of cells of the virus. All of them are selected individually. Among the most common drugs that can distinguish Zovirax, Gerpevir, Acyclovir, Valtrex and other;
- in remission, toGDS does not have symptoms of herpes, being strengthened immunity and personal hygiene, and in severe cases, and vaccination. In order to immunize the body is to increase the production of interferon proteins (basic protective element of immunity). To do this, you can actively use immunostimulatory drugs such Cyclopheron, Groprinosina and others,and hardening of the body.

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