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Treatment of asthma in Tel Aviv

July 27 2014

Asthma (bronchial) is a serious chronic ZabOlevanov bronchial system of the lungs. Manifested in the bronchial lumen narrowing channel, the causes of which can be quite varied. The main features of asthma have episodic (paroxysmal), wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, heaviness in the sternum. Depending on the physiological characteristics of the organism and the pathogen, asthma amenable to complete orpartial treatment. The main goal of all health measures to reduce or relief of an acute condition (attack) or preventive therapy that affects the source (cause) of the disease. One of the most advanced techniques and facilities for the treatment of asthma, have Israeli experts in Tel Aviv. In addition to modern diagnostic facilities, upscales expertise and equipment, Israel has also a very suitable climate in terms of the treatment of pulmonary diseases, on the shores of the Dead Sea. Comprises several stages and extends in the following order:

- examination and diagnosis. Includes inspection, expanded blood and urine tests, as well as functional andesearch light;
- consultation. Based on the results obtained during the diagnosis, the treatment method is compiled, which is strictly individual. The specialists are based on factors such as gender, age, stage of disease.
For asthma Israelis used two groups of products:
- long-term dProcedure and perform preventive function and allow you to control inflammation and prevent the possibility of attack;
- immediate action, the so-called bronchodilators that are used for quick relief of an asthma attack.

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