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Rest in Abkhazia

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Abkhazia - a wonderful piece of nature on the east coast of the Black Sea. This seaside region givingnym ago secured the glory of the All-Union and international resorts. Its tourist popularity and healing conditions Abkhazia due to its geographical position and thus climate. It has everything to actively develop tourism and recreation. Virtually the entire territory of Abkhazia is occupied by the mountain ranges of the southern slopes of the Caucasus, naihigher of which are Gagra, Abkhazia, Kodori. This allows you to actively develop mountain hiking (tracking) and climbing, centered on the Kodori Ridge near Dombay. The remaining territory (about 25%) falls on the plains of the sea coast (up to 200 km). It was on this piece of seaside and located bolshinstvo world famous resort centers - Sukhumi, Gagra, Adler, New Athos, Gudauta. Warm humid subtropical climate type provides the necessary conditions for the functioning of the cities climatic resort areas and placing a large number of sanatoriums and resorts complexes:. A country that has suffered quite considerably in reresult of regional armed conflicts, on the revenue side is almost completely dependent on tourism and resort industry. Pensions are equipped with new equipment and offer a comfortable environment for all categories of travelers. Judge the quality of services and respect for life in this region can be based on how many in the region tolgozhiteley.

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