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What is decor

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Any interior design of any room includes a whole range of razlichnyh decorative materials and components. Among these elements is a group of products with the general collective title "decor". Under the d?cor refers to a set of elements that perform processing functions of the external surfaces of buildings or interiors premises. View the data elements you can Room Decor.

According to its functiontional performance decor is:

- active (a part of the design of a building or premises in its functional and forming part);
- Passive (not part of the structural elements of the structure, but merely additional elements used for decoration).

In the mass private construction decor used mainly in the interior design or building facades.

By way of performing any decoration divided into three groups:

- picturesque . Fine decoration, in turn, can beplot (figure on the surface with a very specific sense of plot), symbolic (schematic of some symbolic elements - logos, emblems, forms), ornamental (patterned image that consists of alternating identical elements);
- sculpture . Used to create decorative forms, SSIlpturnye elements of polyurethane or plaster - pilasters, rosettes, medallions, plates, reliefs, etc.);
- architecture . Shape, way or another with the architectural implications and used mainly for decoration of the exterior surfaces of buildings - columns, cornices, brackets, etc.).

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