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Mattresses with independent springs

August 03 2014

Sleep plays a vital role in the life of any person. Even without going into differentStatistics th clear that a large part of his life is being held there – in a dream. On naskolfko be comfortable conditions for sleep, will definitely depend on human health. And here we are not talking only about the bad state of health, depression, fatigue (although this is just the symptom of a lack of quality rest during sleep). Esland dig deeper, any health problems are associated with dysfunction of the nervous system, which is the center of the functioning of the spinal cord and spine. The main objective of any devices that people use to sleep (in this case, we'll discuss the orthopedic mattresses), is unloading the spine, keeping it in the nThe appropriate posture, providing relaxation and recreation of all muscles. Its function performs any mattress due to internal stuffing - working excipients, which might be a latex or spring unit. The latter is the most common in the market, due, perhaps, at the price. By design, the spring unit moJette be either connected or independent. Is technically more advanced solution that provides better performance of the mattress to its primary function. Structurally, the unit consists of a plurality of coil springs placed in specially prepared compartments - pockets. Each spring is not connected with the neighboring rigid or flexible couplingyu, so provides a better indicator of point elasticity - the ability to follow the contours of the body of the mattress, that is to provide the best relaxation of the spine. The use of separate springs automatically suggests the possibility of using different material stiffness of the spring, and thus to individualize orthopedic effect.

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