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Each of us (especially the representatives of the fair sexbarns) dreams of his beloved half, a remarkable and unforgettable wedding day, all the congratulations, gifts, fireworks. But then he goes on this day, flies a wonderful wedding night and come severe family routine, which is unlikely to be presented before the wedding. - This job and friends, and shelter, and cares about the house, and, of course, children.All of these factors for strength young family, firmness of her mind and the ability to overcome difficulties together. The key word is "together" because the family has already a whole (I would like). But that's just here lies the reason for the collapse of many couples and difficult existence of others. The fact is under one roof dd coexistthe mind of a different nature, which all his previous life are all used to do quite differently than it does partner. Ideally, the happy couple the one in which the spouses are similar in character, values, interests, but it happens very rarely (even at the initial stage). But this ideal, but in practice, it turns out that a happy marriage can be and owlsershenno different people (even so interesting), who just know how to just give in and accept the partner as it is, and do not bend the line and try to "format" it to fit your requirements. There are three fairly simple principle in life that are guaranteed to help keep the family together, strengthen relationships and feelings:
- takingpartner as it is. Do not wait too much at once or try to submit to his will;
- not restrict freedom. It is not necessary to torture interrogations, jealousy - trust your partner away from home, only strengthens his affection;
- blaming. As the famous phrase "for all that we do, we respond together." Tolkof support and understanding will strengthen your unit of society.

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