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How to distinguish a cold from the flu or SARS

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With the approaching cold season of the year (usually the autumn, winter, early spring) everywhere onChin little if not epidemics of respiratory viral infections (RVI). Probably not such a person in the world who has ever suffered in my life RVI. All familiar with the symptoms - fever, headache, runny nose, sore throat, cough. In people, it all starts to call a race, the common cold, the flu, then SARS, although they are very different illAnia (or states), which, although similar in some ways, but require different treatment approaches. Distinguish between these two phenomena should be able to. In fact (if it does it) can be cured in a matter of hours well, or two or three days, whereas the flu if he did not pay enough attention (including taking a cold), can give serious complications and bRed Fast develop into pneumonia. The main differences that help distinguish a cold from the flu or SARS following:
- firstly, it is the cause of the disease. Cold - a painful condition that is caused by hypothermia, accompanied by mild forms of respiratory diseases (rhinitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, etc.). Influenza - atof an infectious viral disease caused by ingestion of one of the strains of the virus and, in principle, in no way connected with external weather factors;
- secondly, it is the character of the initial stage of the disease. Influenza is characterized by a sharp increase in body temperature, general weakness against the backdrop of intoxication, headache, cough. EasyOud, by contrast, is characterized by a pronounced catarrhal symptoms (runny nose, sore throat) with rare temperature rise (in fact, it can go up if you do not pay enough attention to the main catarrhal symptoms). Treatment usually is symptomatic, that is reduced to the elimination of the main symptoms - runny nose, painthroat temperature. Should be carried out in parallel to strengthen immunity, take vitamins (especially vitamin C).

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