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Why baby cries

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There is no person in the world, and the more the child who at least once in my lifecried. If an adult this process more rare and more meaningful, the small child, especially the chest, which can not really explain why, but cries many times daily. This process is completely natural, because, according to statistics, completely healthy newborn babies may cry to three hours a day. Obyastion should not be sought in the thick of the Talmud all basically quite simple - the baby still can not explain what he wants, because they do not know how to talk, so that's actually crying, attracting the attention of adults. This is the whole basis of the children's crying - to attract attention. The only question is, to what purpose is it done? The reasons may be timesgovernmental, the objective associated with the vital needs or pain to the subjective, when a child in whatever was trying to get what he wants. It is necessary to distinguish between small newborn baby crying and hysterical grown-up "pilot" of the child. Parents, especially the inexperienced, who first learned the joy of parenting, sometimes can notdetermine the reasons for such a reaction of the baby. But over time, everything falls into place, and you begin to clearly distinguish small inconspicuous earlier notes, intonations that accurately indicate a particular reason for crying. Let's try to understand yet that still stands for the emotional reaction of your child. First, consider the crying Malenkogo child up to a year, which is due to physiological and psychological characteristics can not explain their needs. In this case, the cause of children's crying may be the following:

- the baby is hungry. This is probably the most common cause, especially during breastfeeding. Crying naturally passesas maternal milk filling the stomach;
- the discomfort. In this case, the weeping caused by tight clothing is probably filled with diaper;
- overheating or overcooling. Too warm or too light in relation to ambient air temperature of clothing, also causes discomfort and accordingly the reaction of the baby;
- The lack of parental affection. The kid can simply wants to hand him at this age is very important physical contact with his mother and father;
- fatigue. Perhaps the kid just wants to sleep or tired because of too many stimuli;

- a painful condition. Up to six months mother moleeye keeps child's immune system and at this time, crying may be associated with stomach cramps, or cut through the teeth.

An older child has a more meaningful approach to the issue and can sometimes arrange their parents hysteria, just to get their way. Causes of tantrums may be:

- the child can not due to the physiological characteristics of different explain their desires;
- a child that something does not work. For example, the game is not suitable for age, hence, the baby not everything;
- child torn from interesting classes;
- child differently can not achieve desired by others, or otherwise preflie serious attention from them.

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