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Lubrication station SDR

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All the movement in this world, I associated the phenomenon of friction. It does not matter man is walking down the street or shaft mechanism rotates at hempnikah. Examples of weight, but they somehow involve or are there due to friction. Despite such positive properties outwardly friction still causes wear elements of mobile systems. It's one thing when the shoe was wiped - a small disaster. But when at a crucial moment due to wear flies key part responsiblemechanism - this is a serious problem that can easily lead to fatal consequences. Therefore, in any technical gear, regardless of the size and importance, which has details of rotation, be sure to apply grease - liquid or grease material prevents wear due to friction surfaces. Depending on conditions,operation mechanism requires a constant automatic or periodic lubrication. The latter is usually carried out mainly grease (grease) lubricated two ways:

- manual filling grease through fitting syringe. This type is characterized in malootvetstvennyh mechanisms that do not require precise upzirovki and large quantities of the lubricant;

- automatic filling of grease. Carried metering devices in the steel, metal, handling machinery and equipment. Submission of a certain amount of lubricant in the dosing is done remotely manually using. ConstructionsSDR is actively cylindrical vessel in the upper part of which is the lid (where loading occurs as a lubricant), and the bottom - the feed system based on the spool-circuit plunger. It is used for manual feed lubricant density of up to 280 units, a temperature up to 25 degrees Celsius, factionalism more than 0.25 mm.

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