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Why should you buy acrylic bathtub?

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Acrylic Tub – is the best option for those who appreciate style and Comfort. It will be a great decoration of your apartment, country house or cottage. However, this is not the only advantages of acrylic bathtubs.

Excellent price. The definite advantage of acrylic baths – its cost. It varies between 1200 – 5000 hryvnia. The price depends on a number offactors: the size of your bath and its functionality. The more the bath and the more options there are in her presence, the higher its value.

A wide range of shapes and sizes . If your bathroom can not brag worthy of the meter, the acrylic bathtub – exactly what you need. In the catalog you will find a lot of options for compact size.

Style and Beauty . Acrylic bathtubs, according to many designers, stylish decoration modern bathroom. There is nothing superfluous, and they fit perfectly into the interior of a bathroom of different styles.

easy-going . In comparison with cast iron, acrylic bathtubs – real fluff. Weight iron – 50 kg or more, acrylic – 20 kg! Its transportation will not take a lot of time and will not turn to you in one of the most urgent problems. Many consumers say that the transportation of acrylic baths – it is a matter of minutes and call a cab truck.

The duration of the service. The warranty period of acrylic baths from three to seven years. However, according to the observations of many consumers, acrylic tub will last you much longer and, at the same time will delight you with its impeccable views.

No special care. When buying bath many consumers are interested in the question: what detergents need to acquire compulsorily? In the case of acrylic bathtub, this arsenal of – minimum. All that you need a special sponge and any cleaner baths.

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