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Laser hair removal

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Anyone on our planet from time to time taking measures to remove unwanted hair. And if the male half of all amountsto shave on the face (although it can not serve as a pretext thorough), the woman, as the creation of a delicate, fragile is much more problematic places that need regular care. This is necessary to ensure that the image of women was always irresistible, she was attractive and desirable. Agree, it can not be combined with unshaven legss, underarms, bikini area, and other problem areas visible. Methods (principal) remove unwanted hair, there are two: depilation (physical removal of the upper part of the hair by shaving or applying the cream) and epilation (hair removal by the destruction of their follicles). The first option is accompanied by unpleasant sensations (pain,irritation) and achieves the effect in the short term. The second - almost painless and the effect of adoption is much longer. Especially popular in the recently enjoyed one of the most effective and technically advanced methods of hair removal - laser. The principle is the physical phenomenon of wave absorption. Each vescheGUSTs in this world has a different absorbance with respect to the same emission wavelength. Consequently, the laser beam wavelength of about 800 nm is absorbed and actively destroys the follicles base pigment - melanin is not perceived by nearby tissues. Despite all physically reasonable efficiency, the method is applicablem only for dark hair (due to the presence there of the pigment in varying concentrations), but is not effective for light or gray hair.

According to the materials of the Kiev Center of laser hair removal « HARMONY »

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