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Methods of treatment of sinusitis

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Probably not such a person on the planet who even once in his life did not have a cold. In northern latitudes, whereobserved a pronounced change of seasons (from the warm summer to the cold winter), runny nose, most often, is a concomitant symptom of colds and viral infections. By itself, a runny nose is not so bad and just started treatment (and even more prevention) solve the problem fairly quickly. But if you do not give it enough attention and run, it is usuallyI have a cold or viral infection can develop into acute bacterial phase, followed by chronic. Such an inflammatory process triggered by a bacterial infection is a common name sinusitis. The most common form of it in which there is inflammation of the maxillary (maxillary) sinuses, called sinusitis.As a rule, sinusitis develops as a complication when running the underlying disease (rhinitis, SARS, measles, scarlet fever, etc.). The peculiarity of the maxillary sinus is that she has physically contact (connected via channel) with the nasal cavity. It is through this channel into the sinus and may get disease-causing bacteria then inflamedto Local process. In addition, bacteria can get into his bosom, and as a result of inflammatory processes in the upper tooth row and pathological disorders of connecting tubules. The solution to this problem in the clinical setting can occur in two main ways:

- conservative. It can still be called. It combinest vasoconstrictor and anti-inflammatory drugs, flushing the sinuses, physiotherapy. Quite a long way;

- surgical. Used for severe course of disease and is sinus puncture, followed by evacuation of pus, washing and treatment with antibiotics. This is a fairly effective method,which leads to a very rapid recovery, and predisposes to a sufficiently high (in percentage terms) the risk of recurrence and thus overflow of the disease in the chronic stage. Therefore, to prevent chronic phase and the need for regular perforations (which, incidentally long been engaged in the west), necessary profilesaktika and fast response (in the case of developing the disease). Set of urgent measures for self-home treatment of sinusitis involves the following steps:

- stop the progression of the infection. Perhaps the use of natural antibiotics such as colloidal silver;

- reinforcinge immunity;

- flushing the sinuses, to remove the formed pus. An aqueous solution of sea salt;

- the use of oil (not vasoconstrictor) drops to prevent drying cloths;

- warming procedures OPPORTUNITIESzhno based balm "asterisk" to increase circulation.

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