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Rest in Temryuk

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Sea of ??Azov, or rather its coast, due to its geographical locatedOia is a beautiful resort area of ??Eastern Europe, and especially the post-Soviet countries. Historically and geographically, the most ample opportunity to enjoy all the pleasures of rest here are the two largest countries in Eastern Europe, which divide the waters of the Sea - Russia and Ukraine. On the Russian side, rest on the Azov Sea qualitativebut organized on   the east coast of the sea, along the shores of the Gulf of Taganrog and many estuaries in the Krasnodar region near the Kerch Strait. Is there, on the shore of the Strait near the Taman peninsula small but ancient town of Temryuk. If you come in you will find unforgettable. The city is located in the exclusive, from the point of viewand rehabilitation of tourist attractions, location at the mouth of the Kuban River, on the coast of the Gulf of the same name Temryuksky. Territory, on which the town could be called a country of numerous lakes. The waters here abound, perhaps more than anywhere else in the Kuban. On both sides of the sea, a lot of estuaries, lakes and marshes. Howconsequence - a lot of fish and waterfowl wild birds. In addition, Temryuk there is another group of objects, natural origin, which is directly connected with the improvement of the body - mud volcanoes. They are probably as many as rivers and lakes. In addition to all the above, in the city and surrounding areas are a lot ofstinits, cottages, guest houses, cafes, shops, children's camps - all for a wonderful holiday with your family.

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