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The modern house is almost impossible to imagine without a home appliance that is created to greatly simplify labord housewives, save energy and personal time. Home appliances market is literally saturated with goods of different functionality, purpose and different manufacturers. Most attention is paid to potential users globally recognized leader in this area - Bosch, Samsumg, LG, Whirlpool, Gorenje, Ariston, Indesit and other - orgoods in cheaper (budget) segment (Saturn). At the same time, among the products of high quality, but not as advertised is the technique of the Swedish company. The history of Asko began in the middle of last century, when an enterprising and, besides, resourceful boy decided to simplify the work of his mother in the kitchen, develop and deliveron the conveyor washing machine. Today Asko products are much more perfect, compared to the first sample, with a huge range of functionality and application of advanced technologies. Certain undervalued by advertisers and consumers, as it seems at first glance, is due in the first place, the specific commodity market and the end userAtelier. Specific because modern appliances Asko offers premium segment, the highest price category, as well as professional equipment for kitchens and laundries. Despite the professional segment of the application, the technique has a great design, impeccable reliability, quality, energy saving and environmentalistnical component. All equipment passes severe test, allowing it to operate in the most demanding conditions for over 20 years without any loss of quality.

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