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time is long past when washing robs any housewife lot of time and effort, and the presence of washing hilenkysecond machine was considered a kind of a status indicator. Today, the choice of washing for every taste and color is so wide that its absence in the arsenal mistress just moveton. As already stated, the range is quite wide stiralok as in design, and by the presence of additional features and accessories. Virtually all existing Steerflax machines require minimal intervention in the washing process on the part of the person, that is, have a variety of software features for its control. According to this criterion, washing machines come in two types: automatic and semi-automatic. If the first all basically clear: the presence of a software module that provides execution Bookbathrooms or customized wash programs, depending on the subject of washing and its characteristics, allows you to click on a button and quietly go about their business - the dream of every housewife. Which in turn can not be held on board the control module and involves a person in the process of leadership washing. The fact that a machine of this design it does notEET job opportunities complex washing programs (wash, rinse, spin). No, these modes of course you can choose one by one manually. For example, the washing time is not regulated by the settlement program, and is set manually by you on the basis of recommendations and your own experience. Upon its completion, you can also specify the exact modes rinsing or annIma. Moreover, the machine does not provide for semi-automatic hot water heating element to a desired temperature, which substantially reduces the consumption of electricity and water. In addition, an important factor is the fact that during washing in semiautomatic significantly lower than in the machine.

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