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Anti-cellulite massage

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Woman as the creation of a beautiful, vulnerable, always very criticalchno refers to its appearance in an attempt to reach the ideal. In fact, the concept of "perfect appearance" is thus itself a stamp or prejudice of modern society, so dependent in terms of the views of the fashion industry. Accordingly, the issues that have to solve the modern woman on the way to the ideal, oh, how many and, at times, the mere mentione of them can cause panic and depression. One such factor, which invariably accompanies a woman is cellulite. Especially this phenomenon affects women after thirty or forty years, as well as those who have experienced the joy of motherhood. He is accompanied by structural changes in the fat layer, which is located under the skin, as a result ofWhat skin over adipose tissue takes the form of so-called orange peel. The causes of cellulite are different, but basically, this is a consequence of sedentary lifestyle, lack of vitamins and trace elements. Consequently to eliminate stagnation, it is necessary to restore and enhance krove- and lymph circulation in problem areasx. The most effective method in this case is the anti-cellulite massage is performed using special incentive An advantage of such oils are obvious:

- accelerated metabolism;
- the destruction of excess fat;
- regulation and stimulation of metabolic processes;
- the strengthening of the skin,return of flexibility and elasticity;
- extension of massage treatments.

To enhance the effect, you must choose a quality oil that is united in its composition would be necessary incentives, essential nutrients and vitamins.

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