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Latex mattresses

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The life of man, like any other living creature on this planet is made up ofdifferent types of physical activity. In the physical representation - a performance of the work. Not literally of employment than ever, namely physical (mechanical) work, that is, the application of a force to move objects or a loved one. Also, from school physics course known that the performance of any work requires energy,that needs to be some way to recover for further action. In the case of man, the recovery of energy (life force) is a critical need in terms of the overall condition of the body. Everyone knows that a similar recovery occurs during sleep. Therefore, it is not necessary to be a genius to understand that the quality of sleep, whichnd maintain the quality of the mattress directly affects the quality and level of recovery. Today the market of mattresses can present a completely different products, which can be divided structurally into two groups: spring (dependent and independent) and springless (latex).

The firstI Group is an evolution of the classic spring bed surface. While both latex mattress - is qualitatively new in terms of design, materials used, the operating principle of the surface to sleep. It has objective advantages compared to other mattresses, including:

- Factor . There is no need for manufacturing a spring unit and its closed-cell placement. In addition, none of the materials used does not have the flexibility, stability, and shape memory as latex;
- Environment . It is a synthetic environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, antiseptic Material.

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