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Symptoms and the risk of allergies to dust

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If you are prone to allergies, the worst enemy for you are dust. Of course, you can from morning till night PROVETRiva and launder the apartment on the source of suffering, just put the rubber, throw out all the stuffed toys, pillows and buy synthetic blanket. But stay away from the dust still does not work, it's everywhere.

It is much easier not to eat certain foods containing the allergen or to go on vacation at the time of flowering evilstnogo enemy. But with so dust does not enter.

If you have started coughing, watery eyes hurts, you're constantly sneeze, you have severe shortness of breath – Congratulations, you are allergic to dust. Many suffer from nasal congestion and runny nose light, which either does not stop at all, or from time to time arises, and ifzdevayas.

is wrong to assume that it will pass by itself, as any illness, allergy must be rooted out. After allergy – is a kind of pathology in your immunity, reduces the quality of life and bringing a huge inconvenience. If you treat the disease do not care, it can develop into asthma, lead to the appearanceeniyu polyps and the manifestation of other types of allergies. If your body is prone to allergies, then launched an allergy to dust can start a chain reaction, and connect the other ailments. It is better to consult a doctor and start treatment.

A certain pills that can save you from suffering, does not exist. But kuSymptoms can feast by pharmacological advances. But it is better to start help themselves, Get a wet vacuum, a humidifier and try to replace upholstered furniture to something less prone to the accumulation of dust. Dry cleaning is contraindicated in your case, just wet, only a full airing after it, did JohnAceh. You must understand that the allergy will not go anywhere, you can only weaken it. And even then, and drops will be a nice addition to a decrease in the symptoms of allergy to dust.

Take care of yourself and are cherished for their health!

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