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Stickers on cars

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Everyone - individually and in order to stand out from the gray mass of undertaking various wAGI, from fashion, to various decorations. Today's world is that everything that happens, even a purely private, often remains for all to see. Therefore, standing out from the crowd, you need to look spectacular, because everyone pays attention to you. No exception in this list, and personal road transport, which is the same style attribute svoegof the owner, as well as his shoes or a haircut. Vehicles on the roadway happens, sometimes, a lot more than the pedestrians on the sidewalk, so it is understandable that the owners are trying to somehow highlight its other steel from the rest. Quite popular design tool for this, do not require expensive painting, tuning with modifiediem forms a decoration stickers. Any can perform three basic functions:

- firstly, decorative, emphasizing individuality and attitude of the owner;
- secondly, protective, protecting it from damage to the main coating machine or hiding minor scratches and defects;
- thirdly, commercialsamnuyu as a moving car in the city, staying on everyone's mind this is a great alternative to stationary billboards.

According to the method of application and its structure, stickers are divided into the following main categories:

- Vinyl, the most common of all technology, featuring a variety of shapes and colors;
- printed film is produced by large-format printing followed by application of the machine. Used in conjunction with laminated protective coating;
- perforated film used for placement on the car windows;
- Silicone sticker melkoformatnaya Ornamentalvnaya figure Silicone Adhesive;
- magnetic stickers, which consists of a flexible magnet coated with one side of the image. Is easy assembly / disassembly.

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