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Manicure and pedicure

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> The beauty of a woman, as representative of the beautiful half of humanity, sung at all times, in all situations. In each historicalera existed even their standards of beauty to which each sought beauty. This is particularly evident in our time, when all private, in fact, became public thanks to the same television and the Internet. Today's woman is clamped in a very rigid framework and had daily meticulously take care of yourself in order to conform to fashion trendspits. In this process, there is no unimportant details criticized amenable to all of the figures to the skin and so on. Accordingly, a very important step in this process is the care of the nails of hands and feet, respectively. Today, it is not just a cosmetic or physiological process, and in some ways even an art. Any Manikp (we will talk about it as a pedicure - is, in fact, the same manicure, but in relation to the nails of the feet) may consist of a series of operations, the most popular of which are:
- massage hands, fingers;
- beauty bath for skin and nail tissue;
- proper nail care (circumcision, polishing, removal of excess particles);
- Nail decoration (ornament paints, sequins and other or capacity).
For each of these operations, there are various aids, without which the qualitative performance of the work, it would be impossible. This list includes:
- colored or transparent nail polish and means for their application and removal;
- ornamentalivnye elements (individual acrylic elements, rhinestones, stencils, foil);
- protective oils, creams, lotions, balms;
- the means to care for the skin and nails (nail files, polishers, buffs, etc.).

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