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Sperm antibodies

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The question of demographics today are quite ambiguous. If we evaluate it on a global scale, the problems seem to beand there - the world's population is constantly growing. The problem is that this occurs at the expense of developing and underdeveloped (African countries, India and China), where the population is not faced with scientific and technological progress seriously and closer relations with nature. At that time, as the most developed countries are essentially "dying out", including, dues, their way of life (haste, stress, bad ecology). One reason is the low fertility infertility one or both partners, including so-called immunological infertility. This is a special type of infertility caused by the presence in the body (both male and female) sperm antibodies (immunoglobulin A, G and M). Preecetstvovat can in serum, sexual fluids (ejaculate, cervical mucus, follicular fluid, etc.). Regardless of the type, place and location of production, these proteinaceous particles in the organism perform one function - spermicides. The mechanism of production of sperm antibodies has the same origin as any other antItel in the body - this is a reaction of the immune system to get into the body (contact with blood components) foreign bodies. Sperm, initially, are alien, as in the male and the female body, but in a normal, healthy body, they do not have contact with blood and, therefore, are not perceived by the body as hostile. In the case of herbsm, operations, inflammatory processes when possible violation of biological barriers, actively begins to produce antibodies. The solution is to reduce the level of antibodies, as well as correct the problem that resulted in its production (men) and barrier contraception (for women).

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