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How to treat nail fungus

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Many have seen manifestations of fungal nail disease, and many began with thisKiva face to face. Remember, can anyone ever seen nails that crusty, partially destroyed and have karyne unattractive. All this action results in the tissue of the nail fungal microflora   and microspores. According to international statistics, videlyayut three types (stages) of fungal diseases:

- startedve (normotroficheskie) appears izmeneniemokrasa, nail structure;
- hypertrophic - thickening of the nail deformation platisny;
- atrofisesky - rejection of the affected nail.

In most cases, implementation of the plan comes to medical, therapeutic intervention. The basis of this teraFDI - antimycotic ointments and creams. In any case, the matter is fixable, but it is honest and does not suffer, as a rule, self-medication. The reason is that the fungi that can vypvat disease, not one or two. Sort out exactly what is involved in the microflora '' defeat ', can only specialist mycologist, as well as appoint and adequatelytion and effective treatment. On top of that fungal disease symptoms are extremely serious and widespread. Remember just begun treatment accelerate vyzdorovshenie and rehabilitation, as well as prevent the need to remove old nail or the affected part. The actual treatment may take several months. Since fungi passed in contact, the possibility of becoming a victim or someone halantnosti quite high.

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