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How to cure psoriasis

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There are a number of dermatological diseases in humans, one way or another affects skinveils. One of the most serious and fully understood - psoriasis. This disease is manifested in the form of red spots on the skin, the bulk structure. Disease known since ancient times, constantly pursuing the human race, popularly also called "Rose of the devil." In ancient times, a person suffering from psoriasis, tried to avoid, as well as all hsmart or a leper. Similar phenomena are viewed in our time, despite the fact that psoriasis is completely safe for the environment. Nature of the disease has not been studied until the end, when it is considered that psoriasis has a genetic, autoimmune nature (that is, in fact, can be inherited. It initially defines chronic FeaturesActor disease. The chronic form of the disease, in fact, gives up on trying to get rid of psoriasis: the disease pursues the patient from the time of first appearance and the end of life. All existing methods of treatment of psoriasis can not solve the problem completely, focusing its attention on slowing the process. A characteristic feature of psoriasisis its frequency, ie several times a year psoriasis can appear, disappearing at the same time within 2-3 weeks.

According to clinical manifestations of psoriasis is divided into two large groups:

- not pustular (blyashkovidny, erythrodermic);
- pustular (generalized nalmoplantarny, of annular, akrodermatichesky).

The tactic depends on its shape (light or heavy) and consists of three stages, depending on the effectiveness of:

- the first stage - the use of topical ointments or creams;
- the second stage - the irradiation with ultraviolet light (phototherapy, photochemicalioterapiya, PUVA);
- the third stage - systemic treatment.

At the same time can be used antidepressants and psychotherapy.

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