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Women's Beauty - terrible force (in a good way words)but achieving it requires considerable effort, sometimes daily, and not always all can be attributed to Mother Nature. Rare to find a woman that without the help of makeup looks simply stunning, the price of natural beauty. In most cases, in order to achieve the desired result, a woman must use the entire arsenal of cosmetic Supplementary Accessoriestv. Many stare at breasts, ass, legs, etc., but really fascinating are female eyes. Beautifully stressing eyes can achieve highly expressive, soulful, sensitivity and simply stunning results. For this purpose, a beautician any self-respecting lady, should be set and eyes. Using this meansand make-up, can in no time to change your usual look, highlighting the pros and hiding all the flaws. Today's cosmetic market is filled with a variety of eye shadow, in a different form factor and on a different basis. Leading manufacturers of eye shadow are Max Factor, L'Oreal Paris, Cristian Dior, Lancome, Chanel.

In view of this great diversity, it is possible to produce a kind of classification of Shadows:

- dry shade - a group of shadow powder type (powder), which are applied with the fingers or a brush;
- the shadow pencils - bystronanosimye, compact shadows. Implemented in the form factor of the slidingpencil (such as lipstick);
- creamy shadows - shadows on the basis of natural fats;
- compact shadows - shadows multicomponent powder obtained by baking;
- corrective shadows - matte, pearl, Glitter .

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