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Differin - a remedy for blackheads

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Everyone in the extent of its physiological and genetic data,faced with the problem of acne. Especially, this phenomenon makes itself felt in adolescence adolescence (puberty). By nature, acne - is inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the body subcutaneous. By the nature of manifestation, acne divided into white (closed) and black (open). The first group is predominantly agephenomenon, while blackheads or black spots always accompany the person and can cause quite unsightly appearance of the skin. They are most common for owners of oily skin due to excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands. In fact, the black dot - this grease tube, formed in the open gland. The most popular method of "eliminatingeniya "Acne - extrusion - actually not effective. Firstly, it injures the skin and can cause scarring, and secondly, it is time cleaned sooner or later clogged again. There are a number of methods and techniques how to resolve the problem. Especially I would like to dwell on this. According to pharmaceutical data, the main villageThe action is a matter differin adapalene. Is a substance that affects the main reasons for the emergence and development of acne: cell differentiation, inflammation, keratinization (fat deposition). Adapalene affects the normal distribution of epithelial cells, which hinders the development microcomedo - centers of development of acne. Feelmy results using Differin observed in two or three months of use. Despite all the positive use of Differin may cause local allergic reactions (redness) and recommended for use with antibiotics, which adversely affects the intestinal microflora.

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